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This page shows details of the selected address. If this address is owned by a CPID there will also be a related addresses column summarizing the total assets for the CPID.


0.00000000 GRC

Last Transaction:

2017-02-19 08:48:32


Address Value
Transactions recorded to the specific address(es).
Note that if you transfer funds to someone, or to yourself, the change will be placed in a new address. It will take some time before we can connect this to your CPID and a delay will be before these coins will show up again.
Date/Time TXs




2017-02-19 1 Tx Transaction -10,000.00 GRC
2017-02-14 1 Tx Transaction -5,000.00 GRC
2017-02-13 1 Tx Transaction 5,000.00 GRC
2017-02-12 3 Tx Transaction 10,000.00 GRC
2017-02-11 1 Tx Transaction -84.49 GRC
2017-02-05 1 Tx Transaction 84.49 GRC
2017-01-01 1 Tx Transaction 0.00 GRC
Please note that most data displayed on GridcoinStats are estimations and may be incorrect.
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