This is a Faucet, a page where you can freely claim coins. It's a place where anyone is welcome to ask for a few free coins. Submissions can be done once per 24 hour period.

The faucet is filled up by Gridcoinstats thanks to advertisements on the page as well as generous community members. No funds comes from the Gridcoin Foundation funds. We solely rely on donations on the side to cover the costs.

There is no requirements to be a BOINC Researcher, but it would enable larger rewards.

Just solve the below reCaptcha and submit your Gridcoin Researcher CPID or Wallet Address.

Payouts are done automatically once every day at 21:00 CET.

Some Rules:
  • Only one Submission per day
  • Proxies not allowed
  • Adblockers not allowed

The Faucet Is Running Dry
There is only 0.04145938 GRC left!

The demand for Gridcoins are large, you can also ask for some donations from the community channels

Available Faucet Funds:

0.04 GRC

Total Waiting Payments:


Total Waiting GRC:

0.75854062 GRC

We are happy for all donations, small or large. You can send any amount to either of these addresses depending on your level of support to the community.

Faucet Funding Address:

Thanks to all our sponsors and community donators, we can send out a large amount of Gridcoins to the community.

This month we've sent out 3696.29153649 GRC.
Last month we sent out 12413.72406003 GRC!

Year Gridcoins Sent

Current Rewards

Faucet payments per day is at least 0.113 - 0.4522 GRC for everyone!

BOINC researchers can receive an additional reward for participating in projects when the following is met
  • Additionally 1.3565 - 2.7129 GRC if
    Submitted at least 2 DPOR Block in 6 months
    Minimum Magnitude of 10
    Minimum Total RAC of 1000

  • An additional one time 18 GRC Extra for all new valid CPIDs if
    Including all above
    Maximum Magnitude of 100
    Not received the reward previously

Gridcoin Researcher CPID or Address:

Please note that all data is as-is and comes from the Gridcoin Project blockchain. Estimations may be incorrect.
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Issues with the page should be submitted in our GitHub Repo. Direct contact can be done with @startail on our Gridcoin Chat
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