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New Runs for MilkyWay@home N-Body (5/30/2020)

Hey everyone, We are really close to releasing a new version of NBody. Hopefully, after the next two sets of optimizations, we'll have all the bugs in the newer version fixed. So for the time being, here are the new runs: -de_nbody_05_30_2020_v176_40k__data__1 -de_nbody_05_30_2020_v176_40k__data__2 -de_nbody_05_30_2020_v176_40k__data__3 Thank you all for your continued support, -Eric

By milkyway@home at 2020-05-30

Server outage Wednesday

Due to a failure of a database storage system, a number of database services at CERN failed on Wednesday afternoon. The LHC@home servers were affected as well, as the BOINC database was unavailable and requests timed out. Sorry for the trouble and happy crunching!

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-05-27

More tasks: MDAD*

I'm filling up the task queue again- - these are called MDAD and suffix. Happy crunching! T

By gpugrid at 2020-05-21

Our deep follow-up search results accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal: thank you!

A new paper on Einstein@Home results was accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal! It describes a deep follow-up of results from the Einstein@Home search on LIGO O1 data for gravitational waves from central compact objects in three supernova remnants. It also presents the first electromagnetic follow-up of a continuous gravitational-wave candidate performed to date. Many heart-felt thanks to all of you who made this work possible by donating cycles from your computers![Link] read more

By einstein@home at 2020-05-20


Now that the server is unloaded I'm trying to complete the switch to https. Please check if WUs up/download as usual (although I know that there are very few WUs).

By gpugrid at 2020-05-20

server outage / db crash again

The windows update has automatically restarted the PC in the night (was disabled), the database crashed. My 2 big backups of the VM are also corrupt including the last backups of the database. Unfortunately mysqdumper cannot import the correct numbers of tables so I used phpmyadmin with success, the last backup was from 13th so we have lost 4 days (not the reported work). I had no hope to reactivate the project but I did. Pls stop all your old WUs. I will give credit for all the lost work. If you have registered in the last 4 days and your account is not recognized pls reregister. I must remove all the current work and recheck all bases which results are missing. Also the TF work need to be resetup (not all I think). Hard times, shit happens especially Windows10

By srbase at 2020-05-17

Summary of the MDAD effort

So, the huge MDAD batch that we sent at the end of January just finished crunching. That was by far the largest continuous load we placed on Gpugrid, so thanks everybody! I will be sending more continuation workunits, but it will take some time to arrange the details. For the time being, take it as a deserved break :) The objective of the batch was a large-scale exploration of the protein landscape. Its accumulated 25 ms of sampling will be useful for biomedical protein modeling at large (we'll provide more details in due time). Crunching the whole set was a technical challenge per se. Volunteered power has grown a lot during the project. This may have been motivated by (1) the continuous availability of so many workunits; (2) shutting down SETI server; (3) the lockdown; (4) the notoriety of distributed computing for fighting COVID-19. This placed additional strain on the server, but in the end the mammoth task was completed - and we want more :) T

By gpugrid at 2020-05-15

Video: Searching for Continuous Gravitational Waves

We made a video, where some members of our research group describe what we search for, how and why we do it. It's available on [Link] YouTube. It is in English, but subtitles are available in Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Malayalam, and Persian.  

By einstein@home at 2020-05-13

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