This page shows information regarding BOINC projects on the Gridcoin Network. A project on the whitelist are rewarded for the share of work within that project on the Gridcoin Team. A project can be voted in or out at any given time by the community via the polls.

Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for help.

Team users that still does work, and could receive a reward for it, but has not advertised their precesence on the network with a Beacon are presented as Team Users w/o Beacon.

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Below list houses all availbale projects that gives rewards on the Gridcoin Network. Your reward are based on how much work you do, compared to how much work the team has done on each individual project. Each Project rewards equally much regardles of the amount of users. A Project with low participation may give a higher reward.

A Project needs to supply Gridcoin users with a constant supply of Work Units (WUs), failure to do so may result in delisting of the Project after a poll. Make sure you check that your current projects are on this list to get rewards.

The "Excluded Projects" list are projects that has failed to be inclueded in the latest superblock, rewards will not be generated for these projects until they are inclueded again. This may happen because the project servers are down or it was voted out by the community. Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for more details.

The "Past Projects" list are projects that has been exluded for longer than 2 weeks.
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Project Name WUs



In Progress





DhepWebpage 4,967 46,083 39,797,640 431
YafuWebpage 1,050 1,761 2,455,714 750
Odlk1Webpage 164,479 352,684 2,724,286 725
SrbaseWebpage 0 51,181 4,411,429 718
GpugridWebpage 181,260 2,127 181,967,280 3946
Tn-gridWebpage 6,009 31,239 2,285,714 828
Nfs@homeWebpage 94,486 82,015 6,858,571 1701
Seti@homeWebpage 612,727 5,036,024 8,447,143 7528
Yoyo@homeWebpage 7,521 60,445 2,785,714 2042
Enigma@homeWebpage 5,110 83,101 65,321,790 2538
Rosetta@homeWebpage -1 -1 3,624,286 7014
Milkyway@homeWebpage 0 454,168 64,807,970 4662
Universe@homeWebpage 1,986,034 110,805 23,530,600 2441
Cosmology@homeWebpage 997 96,857 2,161,429 2741
Amicable NumbersWebpage 2,077 20,270 109,130,510 1564
Lhc@home ClassicWebpage 1,495 57,326 937,333 4025
Numberfields@homeWebpage -1 -1 5,302,857 1473
Collatz ConjectureWebpage 799 209,362 732,462,900 1879
Citizen Science GridWebpage 0 4,163 2,211,429 2521
World Community GridWebpage -1 -1 8,942,857 3617
Project Name Last Seen
Asteroids@homeWebpage 2019-01-20
Climate PredictionWebpage 2019-01-20
MoowrapWebpage 2019-01-20
Project Name Last Seen
Albert@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Atlas@homeWebpage 2017-04-04
Bitcoin UtopiaWebpage 2016-05-25
BurpWebpage 2017-01-03
Cas@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Climateprediction.netWebpage 2015-11-10
Constellation 2015-07-28
Convector 2015-07-17
Denis@homeWebpage 2016-07-06
Distributed Data MiningWebpage 2015-11-10
DistributeddataminingWebpage 2017-10-12
Drugdiscovery@homeWebpage 2018-02-26
Edges@home 2015-07-28
Einstein@homeWebpage 2018-06-13
Find@homeWebpage 2015-12-02
Gridcoin Finance 2016-08-27
Leiden ClassicalWebpage 2017-10-12
Lhc@homeWebpage 2015-11-10
Malaria Control 2016-02-11 2015-11-10
Mindmodeling@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Moo! WrapperWebpage 2015-11-10
Poem@homeWebpage 2016-11-02
PrimaboincaWebpage 2015-07-17
PrimegridWebpage 2018-10-12
Quake Catcher NetworkWebpage 2015-07-17
Sat@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Seti@home Beta 2015-07-30
SourcefinderWebpage 2018-02-28
Sztaki Desktop GridWebpage 2017-10-12
Theskynet PogsWebpage 2018-05-06
Vgtu Project@homeWebpage 2019-01-06
VlhcathomeWebpage 2017-02-02
Wuprop@home 2016-08-03
More BOINC related news and updates can be read under each project. Below are the last 12 updates from all active projects.

Server acting up

You may have noticed, connection to the server has been intermittent over the last day or so. That's because it has been rebooting itself randomly. System logs pointed to either a bad port (or MoBo), bad SATA cable, or bad SSD. We think we narrowed it down to a bad Mother Board. We swapped the SSD into a new server and it appears to be working again, but we are watching it closely.

By numberfields@home at 2019-01-17

Micromanaging CPU vs GPU Workunit Limits

Hey Everyone, I will be tweaking some config options on the server to better improve database stability and allow for stockpiling of more workunits by GPU users. The new workunit limits should be as follows: Separation: 600 total 200 GPU (Per GPU up to 600) 40 CPU (Per CPU up to 600) Nbody: 120 total 20 CPU (Per CPU up to 120) Hopefully you guys notice this on your end. If we notice we are running out of workunits more frequently on the server, I will increase the workunit cache a bit. Let me know what you all think about these numbers and how it is working for you. Jake

By milkyway@home at 2019-01-17

New Separation Runs

Hey Everyone, Just wanted you all to know I put up some new separation runs. These runs are back to fitting 3 streams and are bundled in groups of 5. The names of these runs are: de_modfit_80_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 de_modfit_81_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 de_modfit_82_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 de_modfit_83_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 de_modfit_84_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 de_modfit_85_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_2 de_modfit_86_bundle5_3s_NoContraintsWithDisk200_1 If you have any trouble with these runs, please let me know. Thank you all for your continued support. Jake

By milkyway@home at 2019-01-16

Another publication in Nature describing the first de novo designed proteins with anti-cancer activity

A report was published in Nature last week describing the first de novo designed proteins with anti-cancer activity. These compact molecules were designed to stimulate the same receptors as IL-2, a powerful immunotherapeutic drug, while avoiding unwanted off-target receptor interactions. We believe this is just the first of many computer-generated cancer drugs with enhanced specificity and potency. R@h participants provided computing for forward folding experiments used in this study which helped validate designs. We'd like to congratulate and thank all R@h volunteers who contributed to this work! Thank you! Read the full article here: [Link] ([Link] PDF)

By rosetta@home at 2019-01-14

User consent required for stats export

If you want your stats exported, you will need to check the consent box on the project preferences page. In a couple days, the stats export mechanism will be changed, and if this consent is not given, then the default will be to NOT export your stats. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this was necessary due to the recent GDPR regulations.

By numberfields@home at 2019-01-12

Little bits of previously unfinished data.

You may have noticed occasional bits of data from years past showing up in your queue. While running a completeness check I noticed some files that had never been completely analyzed. Some may have fallen through the cracks. Some may just be bad data that never made it through the splitters. I'm going to trickle them into the queue when the Arecibo queue is empty, just in case.

By seti@home at 2019-01-11

Consent required to export statistics

Following the implementation of GDPR compliance with BOINC, user consent is now required to export BOINC statistics from LHC@home to BOINC statistics sites, such as [Link] BOINC stats. To grant your consent, please login to the LHC@home site and update your project preferences. Once logged on to the LHC@home site, please navigate to the [Link] Project Preferences page. Click on "Edit preferences" and then tick the box on the line: "Do you consent to exporting your data to BOINC statistics aggregation Web sites?" This will enable continued export of statistics from LHC@home for your BOINC user account. If you leave the box unchecked, statistics should no longer be exported. Thanks for your contributions to LHC@home!

By lhc@home classic at 2019-01-09

Server upgrade

I just upgraded the project server, including the web code. Things appear to be working properly, but please report anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!

By numberfields@home at 2019-01-08

Server site maintenance break between 11th and 13th January

I just get message form server room staff: "Dear all A big shutdown of our network is coming! Due to the measurements of the power grid, we have to switch off the computer network in the whole building from 11 to 13 January 2019. During this time, no computers will be working and even there will be no voltage in the electrical sockets. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we have little influence on it. Best regards sysadms"

By universe@home at 2019-01-08

Science database crash...

We had a minor science database crash today that brought work generation to a halt. Everything appears to be OK with no data losses. We should entirely back up at this point, but I'll keep checking things out.

By seti@home at 2019-01-07

Planned Maintenance on Tuesday, January 8

We are updating the storage system on our servers on Tuesday, January 8, beginning at 15:00 UTC.

By world community grid at 2019-01-04

Planned Maintenance on Tuesday, January 8 (Completed)

We are updating the storage system on our servers on Tuesday, January 8, beginning at 15:00 UTC.

By world community grid at 2019-01-04

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