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Current "RAC" (Recent Average Credit) by the team. Total Members are numbers reported by the BOINC Project. Members w/o Beacon are members of the team activly running this project, but has yet to advertise their CPID to the Gridcoin Network.

Team Hosts count are number of hosts that are connected to team members. Anonymous hosts can not be counted to the team.

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4 months ago

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Team RAC:

14,333 (2.76%)

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Recent problems

Hi there, recently, we experienced some unfortunate problems: 1. The server hardware is old and can barely deal with the increasing load. This frequently leads to an unresponsive server. Website visitors are mainly affected since the boinc clients deal with the problem by trying to reconnect later on. The reconnects increase the problem additionally. 2. After getting back from two weeks of vacation, I realized that parts of the dDM database crashed and had to be restored. As far as I can see, we suffered no loss of important data. Maybe, some changes of user profiles were not stored. 3. The amount of dDM data increases steadily and the corresponding backup takes much more time than in the early stages of the project. As a result, the announced maintenance periods are no longer sufficient. I will think about a new backup strategy. 4. Some users reported about validation problems. I guess, this was due to the issues mentioned above. Right now, the validation of WUs is almost finished. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by these problems. Cheers, Nico

By distributeddatamining at 2014-12-10

Forum under spam attack

Hi there, the ddm forums are currently under heavy spam attack. I've just deleted the relevant posts. To prevent further spam, from now on users can only post new messages if they have at least one credit point. Cheers, Nico

By distributeddatamining at 2014-04-22

dDM went offline

Hi there, this week, we had some serious hardware problems which forced us to switch over to a new server. Caused by hard disc failures some data was lost - but nothing important. Now, dDM is running on new hardware. We are still recovering data by replaying our backups. That's the reason why, some WUs still finish with download errors. We are confident, that we will be fully operational at Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience. Cheers, Nico

By distributeddatamining at 2013-04-21

Usage of 'ARM' technology for the dDM project

Hello, Mr. Schlitter, I really enjoy this project and would like to contribute using the CPUs on my mobile device(s). Projects such as PrimeGrid, Enigma, SubsetSum@home, OProject@home, WUProp@home, and others have successfully used 'ARM' technology, which I understand is open-source, and I have been crunching for these projects for about a month successfully. Is DDM currently compatible with this technology, or are there plans to allow crunching on such devices? Many of the projects listed above have noted a sharp increase in the number of users as well as amount of research that is completed. Are you able to make this work for your project as well? I would be honoured to test and/or participate in any way. Thanks again, StandardbredHorse

By distributeddatamining at 2013-03-12

Team challenges in September

Hi there, recently, I got message that two teams are going to focus on the dDM Project in September. The first one is team [Link] BOINC@Poland the second one is team [Link] The Knights Who Say Ni. I am going to create some more WUs in order to satisfy the upcoming requests. Many thanks goes to both teams for their support of our research. Best regards, Nico

By distributeddatamining at 2012-08-28

New application version 1.36 for Medical Data Analysis

Recently, I've released version 1.36 of our application for medical data analysis. The new version takes care of finding the location of java on windows clients. As a consequence, it shouldn't be necessary to set the path variable manually. Best regards, Nico

By distributeddatamining at 2012-07-09

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Based on all hosts for this project (anonymous hosts included) the following table displays some estimated projected RAC for a specific architecture. The data can be incorrect, incomplete and/or very inaccurate since we have no way to verify how much the host runs the specific project. This is based on architectures that has checked in once the last week with at least 5 hosts.

Max RAC: The highest RAC score found for a single host.

Please note that this is NOT a mining calculator, but rather a way to find hosts that can perform well on the project based on what other uses.
Architecture Max RAC  
[Amazon] Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz 9,256
[Amazon] Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 2,193
[Amazon] Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz 238
[Amazon] Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz 194

Some fields in the below table are hidden due to narrow screen. Turn your screen to display all columns.
User Name Hosts User RAC Est. Share Est. Mag Est. Reward/Day
maddogcomputing 1 1.34 0.01% 0.38 0.10 GRC
JohnNapoli 2 2.02 0.01% 0.58 0.14 GRC
bsBenS 1 2.04 0.01% 0.59 0.15 GRC
Marco-DK84 0 2.53 0.02% 0.73 0.18 GRC
dchmelik 0 2.72 0.02% 0.78 0.20 GRC
DevlinDelFuego 1 6.92 0.05% 1.98 0.50 GRC
user3928 0 7.36 0.05% 2.11 0.53 GRC
wolfi2hofer 0 7.79 0.05% 2.23 0.56 GRC
findyou 1 9.32 0.07% 2.67 0.67 GRC
bzaborow 1 22.03 0.15% 6.31 1.58 GRC
Delana 0 26.26 0.18% 7.52 1.88 GRC
Rollone 0 39.07 0.27% 11.19 2.80 GRC
WyerByter 1 43.83 0.31% 12.56 3.14 GRC
Igor 1 51.76 0.36% 14.83 3.71 GRC
pakaran 1 59.90 0.42% 17.16 4.29 GRC
OliverStrange 1 66.58 0.46% 19.08 4.77 GRC
Dirk_Merten 1 67.28 0.47% 19.28 4.82 GRC
fthibaud0001 1 73.70 0.51% 21.12 5.28 GRC
DimoMinchev 1 109.21 0.76% 31.29 7.82 GRC
Whitesox 3 117.21 0.82% 33.59 8.40 GRC
Ysengrin 0 147.09 1.03% 42.15 10.54 GRC
Boliver 0 168.29 1.17% 48.22 12.06 GRC
keiii420 2 183.00 1.28% 52.44 13.11 GRC
JeffWright 0 188.16 1.31% 53.92 13.48 GRC
giellepi 1 188.89 1.32% 54.13 13.53 GRC
aybiss 0 198.21 1.38% 56.79 14.20 GRC
Yitro 1 242.73 1.69% 69.55 17.39 GRC
donkeykong9000 1 266.25 1.86% 76.29 19.07 GRC
K1atOdessa 1 268.81 1.88% 77.03 19.26 GRC
timenchant 1 269.31 1.88% 77.17 19.29 GRC
dpike 3 315.37 2.20% 90.37 22.59 GRC
fix 4 495.12 3.45% 141.88 35.47 GRC
XOIIO 2 495.60 3.46% 142.01 35.50 GRC
Csomi 1 556.89 3.89% 159.57 39.89 GRC
TechSY730 1 559.98 3.91% 160.46 40.11 GRC
Tin 1 683.29 4.77% 195.79 48.95 GRC
PenumbraDuFromage 1 901.53 6.29% 258.33 64.58 GRC
naokisz 1 1,598.73 11.15% 458.11 114.53 GRC 13 2,739.32 19.11% 784.94 196.23 GRC
jossdwyer 1 6,252.35 43.62% 1,791.58 447.89 GRC

Please note that all data is as-is and comes from the Gridcoin Project blockchain. Estimations may be incorrect.
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