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Nebula updates

The development of Nebula, the second and final stage of SETI@home data analysis, has made slow but steady progress. Check out the latest progress report: [Link] Improved multiplet-finding.

By seti@home at 2018-09-21

Fluorescent proteins designed from scratch

Congrats to all Rosetta@home volunteers who contributed to a recent report in Nature describing the design of a completely artificial fluorescent beta-barrel protein. As described by one of the main authors, Anastassia, [Link] in this forum post: The paper presents many “firsts” in computational protein design. It is the first de novo design of the beta-barrel fold (one of the most described folds in the past 35 years, yet mysterious until now). It is also the first de novo design of a protein tailored to bind a small-molecule, which requires very high accuracy in the placement of side chains on protein backbones assembled from scratch. Additionally, we could show that these new proteins could fold and function as expected in vivo! We hope that the advances described in the paper will further enable the de novo design of many biosensors and catalysts tailored for specific applications. Thanks to all the Rosetta@home volunteers who contributed to the validation of our designed proteins and binding sites. Here is the link to the IPD webpage that contains a copy of the paper. The work was also featured in the news articles below (the news in Science contains a video of one of our proteins glowing in living cells). [Link] [rosetta@home at 2018-09-17

THOR Challenge Aims for New Heights in 2018

CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES, one of World Community Grid's most dedicated teams, issues the THOR Challenge each fall. Find out how you and your team can join this year's challenge and beat last year's results.

By world community grid at 2018-09-17

Oktoberfest Challenge!

From September 15th, 2018 Primegrid will be running a Cullen Challenge to celebrate Oktoberfest! The wold's biggest Volkfest is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, with more than six million people from around the world attending. The 7 day Challenge starts at 18:00 UTC and ends on 22nd September exactly one week later at 18:00 UTC. Work units from the CUL (LLR) project, which are downloaded and completed during the challenge will count towards your challenge score. The last Cullen Prime found was 6679881*2^6679881+1 from 2009. We're now testing numbers past 16M, so emotionally due for a prime. For more information and discussion, please head over to the official challenge thread: [Link] Good luck!

By primegrid at 2018-09-15

Recent outage explanation

Hi all, Over the last week we suffered a database corruption due to some disk errors. I've spent the last several days recovering the database from backups and from the corrupted files. Unfortunately, records of workunits from the last several weeks were lost, which means you will not receive credit for any of these jobs. I greatly apologize for this, and we've taken steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. The good news is that this was the only thing which could not be recovered, everything else is fine. We're continuing to monitor things as the server comes back online, please report any problems you may find here. Marius

By cosmology@home at 2018-09-11

[all] status update

Hi Everyone! Sorry for a lot of silence on our end -- things have been quite hectic this summer! I accepted a new position and now am at Rochester Institute of Technology and busily getting a new lab set up (and having some students migrate along with me). I'm going to let some of the work units clear out of the system and set up some new runs which should help fix some of the issues you've been seeing with bad workunits. In the longer term, I've started work on an updated binary which should also allow for the use of GPUs, which should hopefully allow the runs to scale a bit better without running into these problems. I'll be keeping you posted as that comes along, but right now we're all just trying to get settled in a new place! Thanks again for all your support. The results coming in are definitely interesting ones!

By citizen science grid at 2018-09-11

Septic App Complete

The septic app is now officially complete. The final tally of results are as follows: Inspected 38136713961009 polynomials. # Polys passing field disc test = 36163948. # Polys after refinement = 1009140. Elapsed Time (summed over all clients) = 3.31043e+07 hours The key piece of information here is that there are 1,009,140 septic fields with discriminant less than 200E6. We have these fields available as a text file to anyone who might be interested. They will also be added to the numberfields database: [Link] We plan on submitting these results (with a more detailed discussion) in the form of a journal article. I will report back here with details of that as I get more information.

By numberfields@home at 2018-09-09

Looking for a compiler

I have planned a long time ago a new subproject with opencl but cannot compile it with visual studio. If you are able to compile it under windows, linux and mac let me know. The source code can be found [Link] here. I also need to find out how the app is running with which commands.

By srbase at 2018-09-08

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