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Put your own ads on our page and support us

Support us with your own ads We're trying out a new advertisement platform called Project Wonderful. It's based on a…
2017-04-18 06:35

15 votes - 2 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Gridcoinstats Dev Update; Feedback and Feature Requests

Hello everyone! This week we updated our webpage, Gridcoinstats , to the latest state of our development…
2017-04-12 17:43

53 votes - 0 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Gridcoinstats gets a massive update

Hello fellow Gridcoiners! Today I've pushed out a massive update to the webpage. This update has…
2017-04-08 22:16

54 votes - 18 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Feedback Appreciated

Dear users! Gridcoinstats are growing and many of you return to us on a daily basis, which make us very happy to…
2017-03-08 18:51

35 votes - 0 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Gridcoin polls: May 2017

There are 5 polls open in which Gridcoin users can participate in May:   until May 9: Will you help out with…
2017-04-24 20:00

16 votes - 0 comments
By erkan in gridcoin

Foundation poll: Do you want a new Netsoft campaign (until 2018-May-28, 50USD per month in GRC)? (vote until 2017 May 15)

Until 15th May, 2017 Gridcoin users can vote in this poll:      Do you want a new Netsoft campaign? (until…
2017-04-24 19:50

17 votes - 0 comments
By erkan in gridcoin

Gridcoin Advertising (6) - Extending the Netsoft deal

Our direct advertising deal with BOINC Combined (often simply called 'Netsoft') is expiring soon. Last year, we voted…
2017-04-24 18:44

29 votes - 3 comments
By vortac in gridcoin

Join the GCC (Gridcoin chess club)

If you know how to play chess, join the GCC (Gridcoin chess club) We can do public/private tourneys, single games…
2017-04-23 18:29

21 votes - 3 comments
By erkan in gridcoin

Improving BOINC security: Account Keys!

Improving BOINC security: Account Keys! Link to github issue: Reddit post: What are account keys? Account…
2017-04-15 16:07

27 votes - 1 comments
By cm-steem in gridcoinstats

meet the man behind BOINC project: TN-Grid

On Wednesday, April 12th (18pm CEST which equals to 16:00 UTC) we're having a conference call with the person who…
2017-04-11 13:11

62 votes - 1 comments
By erkan in tn-grid

PrimeGrid's 2-week challenge "Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge" (April 7-22)

Since April 7, PrimeGrid is having another challenge: Mathematics Awareness Month Challenge (April 7-22) It's…
2017-04-11 08:39

66 votes - 5 comments
By erkan in primegrid

Medalla Rubí por mi participación en el Beta Testing de World Community Grid

Hola a todos, En estos dias, World Community Grid estuvo corriendo un Beta Testing de su proyecto Smash…
2017-02-26 20:24

89 votes - 0 comments
By moisesmcardona in worldcommunitygrid

World Community Grid Moves to IBM Cloud

On May 15, World Community Grid will begin migrating to IBM Cloud, as part of an effort to modernize and enhance our infrastructure capabilities. Our system will be unavailable for approximately 48 hours while the migration takes place, but otherwise the move will not affect most volunteers.

By world community grid at 2017-04-24

BOINC-Treffen in Wieda, Germany, 2.-5. Juni

Vom 2.-5. Juni findet in Wieda im Harz das 8. teamübergreifende BOINC-Treffen statt. Es werden Mitglieder verschiedener Teams und Projekte dabei sein und wir werden gemeinsamme Ausflüge unternehmen, grillen und einfach mal Leute in der Realität treffen, die man sonst nur Online kennt. Es sind noch einige Plätze frei. Näheres zur Teilnahmen und das Antragsformular finden sich bei uns im Forum. Ich freu mich Euch dort zu treffen.

By yoyo@home at 2017-04-23

yafu-16t single thread bug fixed

The yafu-16t app had a bug and was mostly running with only 1 thread. This scheduler bug is now fixed and the app uses at least 16 threads. Thanks for the people who reported it.

By yafu at 2017-04-23

[wildlife] "monster" workunit questions

So I had a couple ideas about the monster workunits. For those of you who are having them, are you running other workunits at the same time? Could you let me know the memory usage of those workunits? Does their performance improve if you only run one EXACT workunit at a time? What I'm thinking may be happening is that the larger workunits require more memory, and if there are enough other workunits (especially other large EXACT workunits) running at the same time things may end up paging to disk because of memory requirements.

By citizen science grid at 2017-04-20

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