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Switch to using SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

We updated our project to use SSL. The project URL has thus been changed to [Link] You can reattach the project using this updated URL at your convenience. Please post any issues regarding this update in the discussion thread.

By rosetta@home at 2020-05-01

Project resumed

Disk occupation went down a bit, so I am un-suspending.

By gpugrid at 2020-04-28

Suspending project

I'm temporarily suspending the project to give time to empty the disk.

By gpugrid at 2020-04-27

New CUDA102 application was released

Today we released a new CUDA102 application v102.14 for both Windows & Linux. A bug was fixed where application causes 100% utilisation of whole CPU core (thread in hyperthreaded CPUs) Radim VanĨo (FoxKyong)

By asteroids@home at 2020-04-25


Like many organisations, CERN is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers in the CERN community are trying to help out in different ways, as explained on [Link] this web page. As part of this effort to fight COVID-19, we also contribute computing power to Folding@home and Rosetta@home from temporarily available servers that were about to be decommissioned. During periods like this with little work from LHC@home, we also encourage you to participate in other BOINC projects such as Rosetta@home and contribute to the global fight of the pandemic. Many thanks for your contributions to LHC@home and continued happy crunching! With the best of wishes of good health for your and your families from the LHC@home team.

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-04-24

New work for TF added

There is now new work from started from 72-73 bit range. All necessarily changes were made.

By srbase at 2020-04-19

Pls abort all GPU72 WUs

The cleanup from the testserver removed all current work in progress WUs due the access to the real database. Pls stop all the work.

By srbase at 2020-04-19

Server update

The BOINC daemons will be down for minor server update this afternoon. This is to bring our environment to the latest minor server release.

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-04-14

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