This page shows information regarding BOINC projects on the Gridcoin Network. A project on the whitelist are rewarded for the share of work within that project on the Gridcoin Team. A project can be voted in or out at any given time by the community via the polls.

Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for help.

Team users that still does work, and could receive a reward for it, but has not advertised their precesence on the network with a Beacon are presented as Team Users w/o Beacon.

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Excluded Projects:


Past Projects:

Below list houses all availbale projects that gives rewards on the Gridcoin Network. Your reward are based on how much work you do, compared to how much work the team has done on each individual project. Each Project rewards equally much regardles of the amount of users. A Project with low participation may give a higher reward.

A Project needs to supply Gridcoin users with a constant supply of Work Units (WUs), failure to do so may result in delisting of the Project after a poll. Make sure you check that your current projects are on this list to get rewards.

The "Excluded Projects" list are projects that has failed to be inclueded in the latest superblock, rewards will not be generated for these projects until they are inclueded again. This may happen because the project servers are down or it was voted out by the community. Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for more details.

The "Past Projects" list are projects that has been exluded for longer than 2 weeks.
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Project Name WUs



In Progress





YafuWebpage 716 1,720 1,704,653 805
Odlk1Webpage 73,171 247,654 1,728,969 849
SRBaseWebpage -1 -1 4,345,358 750
TN-GridWebpage -1 -1 1,638,172 884
GpugridWebpage 0 94 28,105,613 4221
Nfs@homeWebpage 1,238,998 88,397 4,737,503 1865
Seti@homeWebpage 185,026 6,391,336 11,920,951 7952
Yoyo@homeWebpage 5,762 34,615 1,697,293 2198
Rosetta@homeWebpage -1 -1 3,380,592 7335
Einstein@homeWebpage 40,513,276 4950
Milkyway@homeWebpage 11,026 637,350 51,136,346 5653
Universe@homeWebpage 669,645 244,314 7,865,542 2491
Asteroids@homeWebpage 538,531 515,605 7,957,094 5688
Cosmology@homeWebpage 981 81,679 1,514,852 2992
Amicable_NumbersWebpage 2,666 13,789 57,196,271 1763
Lhc@home_classicWebpage 3,843 82,658 713,653 4252
Numberfields@homeWebpage -1 -1 2,021,128 1583
Collatz_conjectureWebpage 800 260,613 708,452,563 2074
World_Community_GridWebpage -1 -1 3,705,345 1
Project Name Last Seen
Project Name Last Seen
Albert@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Amicable NumbersWebpage 2020-01-05
Atlas@homeWebpage 2017-04-04
Bitcoin UtopiaWebpage 2016-05-25
BurpWebpage 2017-01-03
Cas@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Citizen Science GridWebpage 2019-05-13
Citizen_Science_GridWebpage 2019-05-29
Climate PredictionWebpage 2019-01-20
Climateprediction.netWebpage 2015-11-10
Collatz ConjectureWebpage 2020-01-05
Constellation 2015-07-28
Convector 2015-07-17
Denis@homeWebpage 2016-07-06
DhepWebpage 2019-08-22
Distributed Data MiningWebpage 2015-11-10
DistributeddataminingWebpage 2017-10-12
Drugdiscovery@homeWebpage 2018-02-26
Edges@home 2015-07-28
Enigma@homeWebpage 2019-05-31
Find@homeWebpage 2015-12-02
Gridcoin Finance 2016-08-27
Leiden ClassicalWebpage 2017-10-12
Lhc@homeWebpage 2015-11-10
Lhc@home ClassicWebpage 2020-01-05
Malaria ControlWebpage 2016-02-11 2015-11-10
Mindmodeling@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Moo! WrapperWebpage 2015-11-10
MoowrapWebpage 2019-01-20
Poem@homeWebpage 2016-11-02
PrimaboincaWebpage 2015-07-17
PrimegridWebpage 2018-10-12
Quake Catcher NetworkWebpage 2015-07-17
Sat@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Seti@home Beta 2015-07-30
SourcefinderWebpage 2018-02-28
Sztaki Desktop GridWebpage 2017-10-12
Theskynet PogsWebpage 2018-05-06
Vgtu Project@homeWebpage 2019-01-06
VlhcathomeWebpage 2017-02-02
World Community GridWebpage 2020-01-05
Wuprop@home 2016-08-03
More BOINC related news and updates can be read under each project. Below are the last 12 updates from all active projects.

In a single daily email notification issue

Pls dont use this setting, activate "In a single daily email" instead. The project sending out an email every 5min and flooding the email box, something is broken.

By srbase at 2020-02-14

No news is good news (sometimes)

Just wanted to say that everything is going on smoothly. The server is stable, the scientists are happy with the results and are doing their analysis. Thanks all!

By tn-grid at 2020-02-13

CMS@Home up again

OK, jobs are available again. Sorry for the long delay. Remember, I'm only the front-man for a larger crew, so any downstream delays percolate up to my response. Hopefully this will remain good for some time, but I still don't understand why the condor server occasionally refuses to send out jobs in a timely manner.

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-02-12

New Runs for MilkyWay@home N-Body (2/10/2020)

We apologize once again, but it seems we have run into another error with the last set of runs. These runs will be replaced by the following runs: -de_nbody_02_10_2020_v176_40k__data__1 -de_nbody_02_10_2020_v176_40k__data__2 -de_nbody_02_10_2020_v176_40k__data__3 Rest assured that these errors do not affect the ability of your computers to run the milkyway_nbody application and will not cause you to lose credit. Thank you for your patience and your continued support. -Eric

By milkyway@home at 2020-02-10

CMS@Home accidentally shut down -- Please set No New Tasks

We need to upgrade the CMS@Home WMAgent before Thursday, so I tried to set the workflows to drain down. Unfortunately, I misunderstood the batch states and killed off most of them instead. :-(. There's one still left with about 200 jobs, so that won't last long. Please set your CMS projects to No New Tasks to avoid getting lots of computation errors. I'll let you know when the upgrade is done and jobs are flowing again.

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-02-10

New Runs for MilkyWay@home N-Body (2/6/2020)

Hello all, I have put up some new runs for milkyway_nbody. Unfortunately, there was an error with last set of runs put up 3 days ago, so these runs will be replacing those: -de_nbody_02_06_2020_v176_40k__data__1 -de_nbody_02_06_2020_v176_40k__data__2 -de_nbody_02_06_2020_v176_40k__data__3 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we once again thank you for your continued support. -Eric

By milkyway@home at 2020-02-06

New Runs for MilkyWay@home N-Body (2/3/2020)

Hello all, We have put up new runs for milkyway_nbody under the following names: -de_nbody_02_03_2020_v176_40k__data__1 -de_nbody_02_03_2020_v176_40k__data__2 -de_nbody_02_03_2020_v176_40k__data__3 If any of these runs cause trouble to your computer, please let us know so that we may resolve any issues. Thank you all for your support! -Eric

By milkyway@home at 2020-02-03

planned server move tomorrow

The new server is prepared. There are some things left like moving SRBase VM from SSD to a NVMe PCIe4.0. This can take 2-3h with some data adjustments. Uploads will be disabled and the account creation too. The server is not available in this time.

By srbase at 2020-02-01

planned server move tomorrow (done)

The new server is prepared. There are some things left like moving SRBase VM from SSD to a NVMe PCIe4.0. This can take 2-3h with some data adjustments. Uploads will be disabled and the account creation too. The server is not available in this time.

By srbase at 2020-02-01

Large scale experiment: MDAD

We are starting a new large-scale experiment. There will be plenty of workunits, whose very first batch is currently being sent. Run times should be around 6h but with a lot of variability. They are very heterogeneous so please don't worry for failures. Thanks! -Toni

By gpugrid at 2020-01-25

Server outage - uploads failing

Due to a network problem in the CERN computer centre early Thursday morning, our BOINC servers have lost access to a storage cluster. Hence uploads are failing and access to web pages as well. Hopefully this should be fixed soon.

By lhc@home_classic at 2020-01-23

another server outage today (done)

The ASUS mainboard arrived and have the same issues. Now I need to change the CPU cooler.

By srbase at 2020-01-20

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