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The SixTrack team at the LHC@Home desk for the CERN open days

Dear volunteers, thanks to those who have filled in the doodle we circulated last week: [Link] We decided to deliver a presentation every day in the most populated time slots out of the doodle poll, i.e. on Sat. 14th Sep, between 03:00 and 04:00 PM, and on Sun 15th Sep, between 02:00 and 03:00 PM. The meeting point will be the LHC@Home desk in R2 (building 504), at the beginning of the time slot. We will have to walk few minutes to a meeting room where there will be the presentations. We will be back at the meeting point by the end of the time slot at the latest. Looking forward to shaking hands and meeting you, Alessio and Massimo, for the SixTrack team

By lhc@home_classic at 2019-09-12

UPDATE: NO Scheduled Downtime Thursday 9/12/19 Evening

Hi everyone, The Milkyway server will be down this Thursday, 9/12/2019 starting at 4PM. The server should be back up by midnight. You will not be able to download or return workunits during this time, and the website will also be down. Any issues/questions can be directed at our email while the server is down. - Tom

By milkyway@home at 2019-09-09

More Acemd3 tests

We've uploaded Windows and Linux apps named "acemd3". If thing go as expected, they should be the new simulation engine. They should be an improvement on many aspects, especially maintainability and compatibility with RTX. There were a few short test workunits (TONI_TEST). Larger one should come soon. Please be patient as we iron out the details.

By gpugrid at 2019-09-06

The SixTrack team welcomes the LHC@Home volunteers at the CERN open days

Dear volunteers, following Nils's post on the MBs: [Link] the SixTrack team is looking into welcoming you at CERN and greet you for the CPU time you make available to us. To do so in the best way, we would like to know when you will be most likely passing by the IT stand, such that we concentrate our efforts on the time when most of you can be there. Hence, please find below a doodle that we will use to target the optimal time window: [Link] Thanks a lot in advance, and happy crunching! Alessio and Massimo, for the SixTrack team

By lhc@home_classic at 2019-09-02

CERN Open Days in 2 weeks!

During the [Link] CERN Open Days 2019, we will have a small [Link] LHC@home stand as part of the [Link] IT activities in building 504 near the Data Centre. LHC@home will also be present at the [Link] ATLAS experiment site, in the ATLAS Computing Corner. We hope that many of you will be able to visit CERN during the Open Days and would be happy to see you here! Please refer to: [Link] Plan your visit and the [Link] list of activities during the Open days for more information about all the visit points on the CERN sites.

By lhc@home_classic at 2019-08-30

New SETI Perspectives: "What to expect from ET?"

Richard Lawn has posted another interesting article to "SETI Perspectives". This one is titled [Link] What to expect from ET? .

By seti@home at 2019-08-28

Dan Werthimer wins 2019 Carl Sagan Prize.

Congratulations to our own Dan Werthimer for winning the [Link] 2019 Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization! The Sagan Prize is presented specifically to recognize and encourage researchers who “have contributed mightily to the public understanding and appreciation of science.” You can read more about the Sagan Prize and see past winners at [Link] .

By seti@home at 2019-08-25

Many queued tasks - server status page erratic

Due to the very high number of queued Sixtrack tasks, we have enabled 4 load-balanced scheduler/feeder servers to handle the demand. (Our bottleneck is the database, but several schedulers can cache more tasks to be dispatched.) Our server status page does not currently show in real time the daemon status on remote servers. Hence the server status page may indicate that server processes like feeder on boincai12 is down, while it is ok. Please also be patient if you are not getting tasks for your preferred application quickly enough. After a few retries, there will be some tasks. Thanks for your understanding and happy crunching! ---the team

By lhc@home_classic at 2019-08-21

Acemd apps should be fixed

We are aware of the problem and working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By gpugrid at 2019-08-10

License expired for Windows

We are aware of the problem and working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By gpugrid at 2019-08-10

Entering Final Phase of Subfield 4

The final batch of subfield 4 is starting to rear its ugly head. This beast has 1.6M work units averaging about 2.5 hours a piece (on a 4GHz cpu).

By numberfields@home at 2019-08-07

new GPU app versions

I was noticing a slow down with the GPU app versions on the 15x271 data set. I found the problem - a large fraction of the discriminants were exceeding the hard coded precision. When this happens the GPU kicks it back to the CPU to handle. As a result, the GPU spent more time idling as it waited on the CPU to finish the task. A side effect of this was that the WU would also use almost an entire CPU core. I increased the hard coded precision and tested on the troublesome data sets as well as the newest 16x271 data set. The issue seems to be fixed, but please report any unexpected behavior.

By numberfields@home at 2019-08-07

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