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Low available work.

For a couple of reasons, the result table has grown to the point where it no longer fits in main memory. That has been slowing the validators and assimilators, which is causing the result table to grow further. We'd like to get it down to a manageable size before our Tuesday outage. To that end we are throttling work generation to a rate at which the table size is shrinking. We hope that this rate will increase as the table gets smaller. So for the next few days work will be hard to come by (but not zero).

By seti@home at 2020-01-18

base R941 Megaprime

On 28th of December 2019, Max_Pirx, a member of the team Gridcoin has found a megaprime 74*941^348034-1 for base R941. The prime has 1.034.913 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. Well done!

By srbase at 2020-01-18

server outage today (done)

I have got the 2nd motherboard but have the same issues as before. I need the current power supply to test with.

By srbase at 2020-01-16

New Runs for MilkyWay@home N-Body (1/15/2020)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic new year's celebration. To start off the new year, I thought we should put up a few new runs for Nbody as the previous one have converged nicely. The new runs I put up are: -de_nbody_01_15_2020_v176_40k__sim__7 -de_nbody_01_15_2020_v176_40k__sim__8 -de_nbody_01_15_2020_v176_40k__sim__9 Thank you all for your continued support, and I wish you all the best for the new decade. -Eric

By milkyway@home at 2020-01-16

Why do people run SETI@home?

Check out [Link] Stars in Their Eyes?, a research paper from the University of Geneva about why people run SETI@home.

By seti@home at 2020-01-16

new 2020 goals published

[Link] [Link]

By srbase at 2020-01-13

server outage today

I need the power supply and video card from the old server to test it with the new. Maybe the mobo is broken. Not a good start.

By srbase at 2020-01-10

2019 Year in Review

So another year has come and gone. It has been a very productive year. Here are the highlights: 1. The results for the septic search, which were completed in 2018, were accepted and published in The Journal of Number Theory. 2. A GPU app was developed for the decic search. Versions were eventually introduced for both Nvidia and AMD cards, and for both the Linux and Windows Platforms. During development, I discovered an opportunity for optimizing the CPU version which was subsequently implemented. 3. The decic app completed the search over ℚ(√-5) (subfield 5). 4. The decic app completed the search over ℚ(√-2) (subfield 4). 5. Searches were completed over the lower discriminant bounds for subfields 6 and 7. 6. The search over ℚ(√2) (subfield 3) progressed further into the higher tiers. We now only have 3 more tiers to go in that search. Thanks everyone and have a wonderful New Year!

By numberfields@home at 2020-01-01

A new fundraiser for SETI storage!

[Link] Mr. Kevvy and the [Link] GPU Users Group have graciously [Link] convened a fundraiser to help modernize our aging storage infrastructure. Thank you Mr. Kevvy and GPUUG!

By seti@home at 2019-12-30

Happy new year from GPUGRID...

...we may be late for the merry Christmas wishes, but not for wishing you a wonderful 2020 :) [Link] The project scientists

By gpugrid at 2019-12-27

Project description for Siever and M Queens

The missing description for Siever and M Queens was added. Now also features like checkpointing an progress indicator are described.

By yoyo@home at 2019-12-22

server donations

Hello everyone, I need to switch to a new server soon and added the paypal donations for the server parts on the frontpage. The new server should be 3 times faster than mine with the same power efficiency. You can find more infos in [Link] this thread. If you are not logged into your account you will see an error on the donation page at the moment. Thx to everyone to help me out to reach the goal!

By srbase at 2019-12-22

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