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Beacon Status:

advertised about 5 months ago @ 1902609

Neural Network Share:


Estimated Minted/Day:

0.00 GRC

Time Since Last Reward:

3 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Estimated Research Owed:

0.00 GRC
Project Name Hosts   Avg. RAC   *Est. Mag  
No Active Projects---

Total RAC:


Total Mag:

* Please note that magnitude is an estimation!
S2BkRbm42GWWidxcyJ7KfXmJmEwSAqXo5P 1,652 GRC
S3hSaKZG5fpSPdRmruWbkk9JLCx3eUzK59 1,372 GRC
S5v25SmqprtJtE55KjGkZn2zc18tFEMLwd 3,220 GRC
Total Assets6,244.04 GRC ($45.72)
Please note that Gridcoin uses change addresses when you vote, send and receive funds etc. Usually we can track these instantly, but some transactions may not. If you transfer funds to a new address it will also take some time before this links to a CPID. Your new address will show up once your wallet uses it for staking (PoS or DPoR rewards). Please do not worry, your wallet is always correct!
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Date/Time Blocks Type


Interest Research Value
2020-09-22 2 blocks DPoR

Mag 65.00

10.00 GRC 479.30 GRC 1,189.30 GRC
2020-08-29 1 blocks DPoR

Mag 77.00

10.00 GRC 362.81 GRC 372.81 GRC
2020-07-29 1 blocks DPoR

Mag 80.00

10.00 GRC 795.58 GRC 805.58 GRC
2020-06-25 1 blocks PoS 10.00 GRC 0.00 GRC 10.00 GRC
2020-06-06 1 blocks DPoR

Mag 61.00

10.00 GRC 366.37 GRC 376.37 GRC
2020-05-31 1 blocks DPoR

Mag 77.00

10.00 GRC 424.39 GRC 434.39 GRC
2019-12-03 1 blocks PoS 10.00 GRC 0.00 GRC 10.00 GRC
2019-08-23 1 blocks Transaction 0.00 GRC 0.00 GRC 500.00 GRC
2019-08-07 1 blocks Transaction 0.00 GRC 0.00 GRC 2,075.58 GRC
2019-05-31 1 blocks Transaction 0.00 GRC 0.00 GRC 470.00 GRC

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